Intentionally diluting the meaning of U.S. citizenship

Peter J. Spiro in his recent book, "Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization," maintains that the decline of citizenship as a "meaningful" or "real" concept is irreversible. It has become a mere legalistic idea based on rights, not duties, and nations compete for immigrants. Spiro despises A2, S1, C5 of the Constitution.
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act...George Orwell
Let's be clear.
The eligibility requirement for POTUS is natural born citizen, not naturalized citizen, not native born citizen, not citizen of the United States.
Each type of citizenship has a legal definition and is very specific despite the attempts by Team Obama, the co-conspirators in the judiciary, Congress, and the MSM to conflate the terms and bastardize the Presidency.
Stanley Ann Dunham Obama - British wife

The mandates of the Act of 1948 are clear, once an underage, then married wife of a British subject entered Canada to gain entranced to another colonial state in Kenya, flying through London of Britain, Stanley Ann Obama was a British wife, carrying a British child within her with full benefits and legal rights and responsibilities forever upon her and Barack Jr.

Defense of Obama’s Ineligibility & Phony Birth Certificate Finally Beginning to Wane

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Published on: September 3, 2012

A shocking change in the content of reporting at NBC, CNN and CBS indicates the pro-Obama media are beginning to stagger under the weight of facts which plainly show that Barack Obama has never provided valid, corroborated documentation proving he is constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president.


The following article written by Dan Crosby of The Daily Pen is an important read. It also shows how far we’ve come and how far the Left Stream Media continues to go to protect the fraud in the White House.

New York, NY – The pro-Obama, liberal mainstream media is showing symptoms of fatigue in their endless defense of Barack Obama’s fraudulent identity.

A sudden reverse in liberal media content indicates they are realizing defense of Obama’s “eligibility” based on rapidly fading support of his fraudulent birth certificate is no longer sustainable. The lies about Obama’s identity are becoming too heavy for those undersold as errand-slaves for the bowing liberal consensus.


In at least two broadcasts by CBS ad MSNBC, following Mitt Romney’s campaign rally joke about his own birth certificate, hosts from the leftist networks used a new word to defend Barack Obama’s fading credibility.


Defense of Obama’s “legitimacy”, not “eligibility”, is now emanating from media propagandists indicating they can no longer defend the lie that the digitally forged image of an alleged 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth” proves he is “eligible” to be president. Now, they are desperately hoping everyone will forget their abetment of the “eligibility by fake computer image” lie and show grace for Obama’s contingent claims to “legitimacy by popularity” instead.”


The balance is here: link

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